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Summer ready with smashbox!

Mon, 07/15/2013 - 9:31AM by PinkMacBarbie123 0 Comments -

Hey lovies ! Im back with a review on some smashbox items that I was able to test out. The first thing was the new CC cream that everyone has been raving about. This item for me is an absolute holy grail . I love its light and natural coverage . It doesnt give you that highly unwanted "cake face" but is still a great tint of color. This color correcting cream is a must for everyone, the way it helps even out dark marks etc should be a sin lol.
Next was a deep coral lipstick in the shade Mandarin. This color is great for alot of skin tones as well as for spring & summer. I also received a lipliner in the shade nude which I used to make sure I got the most wear out of the lipcolor.
Lastly was a creamy eyeshadow base, theyccome in a few other shades but mine came in riches a beautiful gold shade.

Thanks smashbox !

Good quality jewelery on a budget with Girlprops!

Sat, 06/01/2013 - 7:33AM by PinkMacBarbie123 0 Comments -

Hey guys! So sometime ago i was able to review some items from Girlprops.com .
They are an affordable online jewlery store with alot of things to choose from.
The first thing was a set of multi colored post pearl earrings. This gave me alot of color options and neutrals for everyday wear.
Next are some nautical gold sea stars. I really liked these earrings because of there beachy look and gold star.
I also tried some silver rope hoop earrings and I fell in love. I typically
do not like hoops that much but I couldn't resist them. They also were comfortable and didn't tug at my ears.
Lastly I got some clip on spiked gauges as they were one of the many new trends. They also have great costume jewelery .

I really like this site because they stay updated in there fashion and have great shipping and customer service.
Thanks girlprops

Get made up with Mirenesse Cosmetics

Sat, 06/01/2013 - 7:19AM by PinkMacBarbie123 0 Comments -

Hello to all who reads this ^_^ I recently was able to pick out 3 items for review from a brand called mirenesse.
They are an Australian brand that sells beautiful makeup.
The first item I tried was a lipstick in the shade Caprioska- a rosy deep red. This lipstick went on very smoothly and got quite a few compliments because of its red over coat yet deep rosy undertone. Its a perfect travel essential and doesnt take up much space.
Next was another lipstick in the shade illusion- a deep pinky mauve with a dewy look to it. This lipstick is definetly an everyday lip product and highlights your lips because of the small shimmer it has to it.
Lastly was a Lip Bomb in #3 a deeper hot pink color. This is actually a gloss but sort of drys and looks like a lipstick. It is very similar to OCC lip tars in consistency . I really love the color and pay off of it because its bright and a great color for spring & summer. It also is not drying and has cute packaging .
Shipping and customer service were fabulous and I really love this brand.
Thanks Mirenesse.

Model 21 lashes

Sat, 06/01/2013 - 7:06AM by PinkMacBarbie123 0 Comments -

Hey guys! So as the summer is coming around and more parties start flying your way don't you want to have the best lashes & look there ? Well I know that I will with Model 21 lashes.
The 2 pairs of lashes I tried from them were great.
The first pair in 11t are my everyday lashes because they are shorter and more natural for day to day wear. Each box comes with 10 pairs for my lashes for the summer are set.
The next pair are my more funky yet chic pair in #19. This pair is a bit longer so great for parties or dances.
Shipping was smooth and everything came packaged well.
The customer service also responded fast and was extremely nice.
Thanks Model 21

Organic beauty with 100% pure.

Sat, 06/01/2013 - 6:56AM by PinkMacBarbie123 0 Comments -

Hey guys! Not too long ago I received 4 items from 100% pure which consisted of 2 lipsticks, a lip pencil & a tinted lip balm.
The packaging on everything was so nice and it all smelled like real fruit. The 2 lipsticks are in fig - a medium mauve and daiquri- a rosy pink. Both of these items are sheer with a nice tint and are very moisturizing . They also are longer than your average lipstick, but slimmer making them so great for travel.
Next I received a tinted lip balm in strawberry. This balm gave a nice pink hue to my lips and it sort of smelled like peppermint, which I loved about it.
Lastly my favorite item was the lipcream stick in perfect naked berry- a light rosy pink. It webt on so smoothly and even acted as a cream stain. It also lasted quite a few hours and even through drinking and eating.
Shipping and customer service were also very good
Thanks 100% pure !

Beauty with BB Cream Boutique!

Sat, 06/01/2013 - 6:40AM by PinkMacBarbie123 0 Comments -

Hi guys! I recently was able to test out 2 lipsticks from an online store called BB Cream Boutique. On their site you can find all kinds of items fron cosmetics to skin care.
The first item i received was a lucid darling fantastic rouge lipstick in shade 10. This color is your everyday brown mauve that can go with pretty much every skin tone. It is very moisturizing and has really cute packaging with a tiny bow on the bottom of the lipstick cover.
Lastl i received a etude house etoinette crystal shine lips lipstick in the shade ppk002 which is a rosy hot pink lipcolor with finely milled shimmer to it. I am honestly in love with this item because though it has a litte shimmer it is undetectable and really just highlights your lips.
Shipping and customer service where great and i highly recomend it.
Thank BB Cream Boutique

Beauty health in harmony with Mia mariu'

Sat, 06/01/2013 - 6:29AM by PinkMacBarbie123 0 Comments -

Hey guys ! So not too long ago I was able to test and review two items from a lovely company called Mia Mariu'. They make all kinds of products from cosmetics to skin care.
The first items I received was a lengthening mascara in the color black. This mascara actually really added length to my lashes but it did if with out clumping at all! That really shocked me as finding a mascara that "no matter what " will not clump can be hard at times, but ladies we've found it. The packaging is matte and sleek with the company name in red.
Next is the last item I tried out, which is a reddish-brown hydrating stick gloss in the shade Granada. This lipstick is extremely moisturizing and smells like vanilla. The packaging is the same as the mascara, and I honestly love te sleekness of it
Shipping & customer service were great. Check them out :

Thanks Mia Mariu!

Discounted beauty items with GvSavings1

Sat, 06/01/2013 - 6:10AM by PinkMacBarbie123 0 Comments -

Hey guys so right now im going to be reviewing a few elf & china glaze items I receieved from a company called Gvsavings1.

The first 2 items that I got were the elf conditioning lip balms in peaceful pink & blissful berry. Both of these items are pigmented and rejunvenate your lips. Blissful berry is a light berry color that adds a tint to your lips and peaceful pink is a light pink color that gives a little pink hue to your natural lip color. These items have become my everyday lip balms because I love the color pay off and how long they last. I also received 3 of the matte lip pencils in - red, praline & mauve. The red color actually looks similar to RiRI Woo and is like a dupe for it. Praline & mauve though are your everyday naturals
Next was an elf studio blush in pink passion. Pink passion is like a matte pastel hot pink that goes on evenly and blends well. Because of its texture I feel like it even can be used as a cheek stain depending on the way you apply it.
The next item was an elf flat top kabuki brush. I pretty much always use this brush for foundation or tinted mousturizers application because of the slight airbrush finish it gives. It blends foundation well and is a makeup brush must have. Lastly was 2 china glaze polishes in for audrey & shocking pink. I seriously love them! For audrey is like a robins egg type turquiose and shocking pink is a neon matte pink.
Overall everything was great as well from shipping to customer service.
Thanks so much Gvsavings1!

Upgrade your water with an Healthier Living 4 You

Mon, 05/27/2013 - 6:14PM by PinkMacBarbie123 0 Comments -

hi guys : ) so back in january i was given the chance to review and alkamate from a company called Healthier Living.
The Alkamate is a water refining system that adds minerals to your water. It quite easy to use, and filters clean and alkaline water! Its filters and alkalizes your water. It is a perfect size that can go along with you anywhere!
This is a great product to step up a diet with or even just purify your everyday water. At first you may sense that the minerals are in your water (because you can slightly taste them), but as time progresses in will easily be incorporated into your everyday life.
They also come in five different basic colors so they can easily fit your personality or style.

Thanks Healthier Living 4 You

Heres a link to the 4 color choices:

Model 21 lashes

Sun, 04/07/2013 - 11:11AM by PinkMacBarbie123 0 Comments -

Hey guys :) in about a 2 weeks i will be coming to you all with a review for model 21 lashes. They are a company that sells a series of different kinds of lashes at a good price. Stay tuned guys ^_^
href="http://www.model21falseeyelashes.com">Model 21 False Eyelashes by Model 21 Eyelashes

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